Admission Rates

Our admission rates are (games are on "free-play"):

- $8 per person per hour
- $20 per person for all-day

- Lunch-time Special - $5 per hour weekdays 11:30am-1:30pm

- All-day Family Rate - $15 per person for a group of 3 or more

Our Location

We are located at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 401 at:

81 Lancaster Ave.
Great Valley Shopping Center #20
Malvern, PA 19355

Click HERE for directions.

Public Arcade Hours

Wed. OPEN 11:30am  -  9:00pm
Thur. OPEN 11:30am  -  9:00pm
Fri. OPEN 11:30am  -  10:00pm
Sat. OPEN 2:00pm  -  10:00pm
Sun. OPEN 2:00pm  -  7:00pm


Click HERE for party info and hours.

Upcoming Events


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The Pinball Gallery was born out of a desire to spark a revival of interest in pinball.  Even though in recent years, there has been a small but steady increase in the number of pinball machines bought for home use, the number of pinball machines out "on location" has declined rapidly to the point where it is almost impossible to find a local place that has pinball machines for play.  A whole generation of young people are growing up without having ever seen or played a pinball machine.

One of the factors contributing to this situation is the fact that pinball machines are fundamentally mechanical devices.  As such, they need ongoing maintenance and repair to stay in good working condition.  On the rare occasion that you can find a pinball machine out on location, frequently it is dirty and not working properly, which doesn't make playing pinball the enjoyable experience it was meant to be.

The Pinball Gallery addresses this situation by providing a clean, spacious, family-oriented location to browse and play a wide variety of classic pinball machines.  We have over 50 machines set on "free-play" with low-cost admission rates that allow you to play your favorite games over and over again.  No quarters needed!

In addition, some of our machines in the Pinball Gallery are available for purchase.  So if you've ever wanted to own your own pinball machine, you are sure to find one here that interests you and fits your budget.  We also provide service and repair for the pinball machines we sell and other machines you may have bought elsewhere.

We carry pinball-related merchandise (T-Shirts, DVDs, etc.) available for sale in the store or on our website.  We also can host birthday parties, corporate parties, or any other get-together you can imagine at the Pinball Gallery.  We even run Pinball Leagues and Tournaments to provide a fun way to get together on a regular basis and play some competitive pinball.