Admission Rates

Our admission rates are (games are on "free-play"):

- $8 per person per hour
- $20 per person for all-day

- Lunch-time Special - $5 per hour weekdays 11:30am-1:30pm

- All-day Family Rate - $15 per person for a group of 3 or more

Our Location

We are located at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 401 at:

81 Lancaster Ave.
Great Valley Shopping Center #20
Malvern, PA 19355

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Public Arcade Hours

Wed. OPEN 11:30am  -  9:00pm
Thur. OPEN 11:30am  -  9:00pm
Fri. OPEN 11:30am  -  10:00pm
Sat. OPEN 2:00pm  -  10:00pm
Sun. OPEN 2:00pm  -  7:00pm


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2013 Pin-Night Madness Tournament


The National Pinball League (NPL) sponsored our inaugural "Pin-Night Madness Tournament" at the Pinball Gallery.  The tournament was held on Saturday 6/22 from 9:00pm to midnight.  Cost was $15 per person (included snacks, drinks, and awards).  There were 29 participants, with people traveling to attend from New Jersey and New York.

Jay Robinson was the grand champion and was presented with a trophy.

Full results are as follows:

Group A

Grand Champion - Jay Robinson
2nd Place - Frank Romero
3rd Place - Steven Zahler
4th Place - Frank Egitto

Group B

1st Place - ken martin
2nd Place - Frank Ferrante
3rd Place - Jerry Bernard
4th Place - Matt Makowski

Group C

1st Place - Gabe Patterson
2nd Place - Nick Hislop
3rd Place - John Hurd
4th Place - Brian Smith

Group D

1st Place - Charlie Bucks
2nd Place - Ken Rossi
3rd Place - Jody Jodon
4th Place - Harry Kottek

Group E

1st Place - Matt Grochowski
2nd Place - Chris Forwood
3rd Place - Phil Hering
4th Place - Steve Mowrey

Group F

1st Place - Sherry Disney
2nd Place - Mike Pantino
3rd Place - Matt Minton

Group G

1st Place - Jason Aschenbach
2nd Place - Bill Disney
3rd Place - Jason Zahler

Group H

1st Place - Lawrence Pillar
2nd Place - Kate Smith
3rd Place - Ashley Gallo

Click here to access the results for the event as recorded by the IFPA.

We plan to make the Pin-Night Madness Tournament an annual event, so look for the next tournament in 2014.